Wrecking Ball-(demo)
by Mark Nigro and Jeff Phillips

This song was one of the last things we wrote & recorded 3 years ago.
We jammed and I wrote/arranged the music and Jeff wrote the lyrics and tune.  We asked Andrew Kuhn to sing for us.  Andrew, Dan Rudack, Jeff and myself are all singing the chorus.  Jeff played melodica and synth and I played guitar, bass and drums.  Lead guitar solo by Andrew.  Produced by me & Jeff, mixed by me.

I Don’t Know Pluto 
by Jeff Phillips

This is a song that Jeff’ brought to my studio and we worked on and recorded this demo around 2006.  I produced/arranged it with Jeff. In 2010 Paul Santo did edits and mixed this version for me(us).  Jeff played keys, drums and sang.  I played bass and Jeff’s baritone horn.  Paul Santo, in 2010, added guitar and sprinkles.

by Domenic Laudani, Peter Montgomery, Mark Nigro and Paul Santo

This new song I co-wrote with talented friends came from a one-off studio jam session that yielded this song.
Written & Performed by Domenic Laudani, Peter Montgomery, Mark Nigro, Paul Santo – Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Paul Santo.


5 Responses to Music

  1. Gerry Ewen says:

    Nice job Mark,, Good harmonies, tight music, Lyrics are great . Keep up the good work !!!!

  2. patty y says:

    love the song… great mix paul

  3. Walter Hubley says:

    Good tune. Shared it on Facebook.


    Very Cool Cuz!

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