I consider myself a professional musician. I’m a bassist by trade but like to play other instruments as well as songwrite, arrange and produce music. I’ve played, recorded, gigged and/or toured with various groups and artists of different styles. Rock’n'Roll being my favorite. I’ve had the pleasure to perform, tour, open for, be produced by and/or record with many great musicians, all great players, performers & writers. I currently perform/record with THE CHARMS;IRRESPONSIBLES;JEDDO STARS;THE BUGS.  Other   Bands/Sessions/Projects/Artists that I’ve been lucky enough to work with: ADRIAN BELEW(King Crimson,Bowie,Zappa);NEW YORK DOLLS;SUPERSUCKERS;THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS;THE ROMANTICS;THE MOONEY SUZUKI;VON BONDIES;THE WOGGLES;THE LYRES;THE FLESHTONES;THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT;ROKY ERICKSON;DARRYL “DMC” McDANIELS;CHEAP TRICK;IAN HUNTER;THE ZOMBIES;BENJAMIN ORR;PAUL SANTO(producer;session player);JIM DIAMOND(producer);EMMYLOU HARRIS;LITTLE STEVEN VAN ZANDT;RUSTED ROOT;MIKE DOUGHTY;JONATHAN RICHMAN;BLEU;SEKS BOMBA;BARRY MARSHALL(producer);RICHARD MARR(producer);SCOTT REIBLING(Letters To Cleo;producer)TREAT HER RIGHT(Mark Sandman);NRBQ;THE DEL FUEGOS;THE STOMPERS;DAVID BROWN(Billy Joel);JESSICA MCDONOUGH;JOHN DENLEY BAND;DOMENIC LAUDANI;PONY…

5 Responses to Welcome

  1. Brian Young says:

    Looks great Mark!

  2. nancy ryan says:

    congratulations on your professional music career- it is great to hear and see that your doing so well-another houghs neck success story-the best of luck to you! ken and nancy ryan-

  3. LeeMary Gilligan says:

    <3 WTG Mark <3

  4. Super great Mark! Love your music brings back the Beatles to me. Your doing O.K
    your future is assured for fame. Good Show.

  5. Sarah says:

    Well Dom, it looks like its time for American Idol or The Voice!

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